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released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Dischordia Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Progressive death metal band from Oklahoma City. New album "Thanatopsis" OUT NOW.

Josh Turner -Bass/Vocals
Keeno - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Fallin - Drums

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Track Name: Thanatopsis I: The River
He knows he is forgotten
Left to footsteps in the rain
His tethers to the world flimsy at best
Meaningless details ushered him to shore
The wait is long for the passage beyond
His guide will come in his own time

Clinging to life as his flesh decays, time slows
Day in and day out and day in and…pain
The wait is long for the passage beyond
Why choose this path?
Meaningless suffering in place of a meaningful life
The sound of insects
A weakened soul
The longest path
Set by his own hand

“You have been long preparing your way
Observing each step that leads you to shore
But as you must know, these waters are slow
The wait is long for the passage beyond”
Track Name: Thanatopsis II: The Road
Our last great monument
The works of mankind revered by ghosts
The works of mankind cursed by hollow men

A casket of Earth, a shroud of sky
Our fathers built us a mighty grave
Death was chosen for us
And death surrounds us
A skeleton tree, a winter of ashes
Spectral songs of hatred in the air
Death was chosen for them
And death surrounds them

For all the fleeting whims of man, I have learned nothing
Though choking on a world of dust, I have learned nothing
The corpse of our Mother shrieks on the wind
“Take this bitter end that you have given me”
The corpse of his mother haunts my memory
“There was no saving me, and there is no saving him
Take this bitter end, for there is nothing else”

“My dear friend, you have toiled far too long
That unforgiving road holds you but a breath away
There is no life in your long and weary march
Rest your tired bones where we have spoken in dreams”
Track Name: Thanatopsis III: The Ruin
Agonizing heat
Fortune smiled on the vanished, those erased from existence
Shadows of humanity begging for a name, they never glimpsed the blackened day
Agonizing death

A sickening dawn turns day to night
A night born in hell that lingers still
Skin drips from outstretched hands
Begging for relief or reason
Black rain mocks their dry mouths
The very air they breathe is poison

Those left here plead for Death
“Find us here, take us home”
Those left here plead for Death
The river is silent

Flesh and fire
Broken humans
Spreading sickness
The world is changed

Upon a foundation of unwilling flesh
We built a shrine to death
A tower of smoke and fire
Our last great monument

Scorched earth
Burnt flesh
Suffering and hatred
Shroud their world in hellfire
What can life be in a landscape of death?
There is no life after this

“You thirst for me again, seeking ways to call my name
I am pleased with your devotion
The shrieking of these unfound hordes beckons me
As you all one day will too"
Track Name: The Curator
A cold reflection
Its searing gaze forms a bold selection
This metal cage is a living museum
Haunting optics tell a story
Delusions grow and cloud my mind
A fleeting figure controlling our fortune through space and time

Staring in the mirror I see all but me
Another piece in its collection
Framed within a world unknown
Trapped between your final seconds
No escape, recourse, or rescue
Is there a lesson? A final word?
Wantless reasons with screams unheard

Ascending to his death
He knows what is to come
A cry for help in a vicious cycle
Desperate pleas done only in vain
Fueled by fear
Breathing in, before it's too late
Awaken despair
Breathing out, accepting his fate

In an instant it's gone
Vanished, no trace
A sign of hope in a wicked samsara
No relief or change
Its absence means more victims
The shattered image of my deadly reflection

Approaching the end, beginning again
All is revealed by the Curator
Reliving the past through shattering glass
All is revealed by the Curator
All are controlled, disposed
All is revealed and known by the Curator

This hall of mirrors, my gruesome gallery
I am the Curator
I will control all known
Unrestricted by time, a limitless power
I am the Curator
I will consume all life
Fear not the end, for I am above
I am the Curator
I will become all death
Track Name: 22°
Awaken observer, is this your life?
Shrouded in darkness, a fallen light
Born of a new age without a name
Mindless existence for all who remain

Awaken observer, what is your life?
Haunting self doubt with each breath
Today is the day
What will be tomorrow?
A dying world growing colder with time
3 suns rose today
To live among the stars
Of gods and men, which will you follow?

Yellow eyes, colors shift in a growing vision
I question all of who I am and what I know
I seek a new path
I seek my own life

Beneath a fading sky
I will choose to become more
A world of color, bathed in light
A haloed path beside the sun
(3:31 Break)
“Plucked from obscurity to lead; follow no more”
“Change the world and free myself from the shackles”
“I have chosen wisely”
“I overcame my destiny”
“What a gift to believe”
“What beauty to receive”

I have found, I am at peace

I awake in nothing and cannot find my place
An ancient feeling taking hold within this void
Surrender to the fading memory and see the
Growing distance between what is and never was

Contort, distort, redshift, and a pale blue

Beneath a fading sky
The fear becomes so real
A void of darkness, absent of life
How can this be?

You are nothing but a mistake
The promised land is but a dream
You chose poorly, worshipping stars
Now you suffer from beyond
Track Name: An Unlikely Story
I see your path, I’ve walked it myself
You’re carried on the wind
You’re led to nowhere

A world once stood where daylight fails
A world of waste, a world undone
The end was here where ruin prevailed
The end of thought, the end of hope
The dark would take what had no place
The dark that kept, the dark that knew
Complete and gone without a trace
Complete for them, complete until...

When light broke through
And the end failed
Judgment stood its terrible ground
They were gone
Gone were the walls that held the dark
Gone was waste that made the world
You would have been home

I see your path, I’ve walked it too
If it’s hope you seek, there’s none
Although the daylight had broken through
No battle here was won
When the world was taken away
A void, a nothing took its place
If it’s hope you seek there’s none
Track Name: Bone Hive

A new crown emerges
The rattle of bones
A timeless venture
To find a home
A sacrifice for the colony
Rebirth in destruction

Breath in the end and wait

She waits in darkness
The host’s last sleep
Taking life from the source
Growing death with each breath
Breathing, bleeding, feeding
Breeding, bleeding, seething

Tear away this broken limb
In its place, a rigid skin
Heart of rock and dusty veins
Fading thoughts from a dying brain

Frozen, catatonic
This armor offers no protection

Bone, flesh of stone
Buried alive in this cocoon
Puncture, watch it bleed
Shifting eyes of misery

Tear away this broken limb
In its place, a rigid skin
Heart of rock and dusty veins
Fading thoughts from a dying brain

Bone hive

Encased in what was my body
This shell of a human prison
Shallow breathing, strengthens the hive
I feel the end within myself
Splintered, ripping at my insides
New life, reborn from my demise
I will return to nature
I will become the earth

Bone hive
Track Name: Madness
I sit and stare
No sleep from which to wake
There is no day or night
I sit and rot

I am no stranger to
Bending reality
But no clever story could prepare me
For the way it’s crumbled

I remember the first time that time slipped away
Hours lost to the old man’s words
Time means nothing now
Time means nothing now
Another ghost has come and gone

My door, the great yawning beast
Waiting, waiting like the house

In a broken voice I learned of my fear (waiting, mocking)
The walls tremble as all is confirmed (closing, suffocating)
Through the mouth of the monster
Across the old man’s map
I have found nothing
This was not for me
I still get nightmares
Track Name: The Traveler
Where am I?
Gone, lost to another world
How can a man behold such knowledge?
Yet I know nothing of this burden
Only that this curse will be my death

A handful of relief
Worlds’ weight in misery

Gone, lost to another world
How can a man behold such knowledge?
Alone, I sit and wait
“Back so soon?”
Shrouded in darkness, he’s waiting and watching
Sinister and smiling, what does he desire?
My hideous curse, my only hope

Trapped in this blackness that’s thickened by fear
Stumbling blindly in hopes of escape
Light, hope, could this be my way out?
It grows
It grows
It grows still brighter
Burning light, searing pain


Shrieks grinding inside my head
Here our filthy hands mean death
They remember my hunger for their flesh

Dried corpses and flickering lights
What hideous design is this?
Ferried through the endless void
What hideous design is this?

Darkness casts a spell upon these wretched carcasses
Haunting my movements, mocking me with what I’ll never have
My family of corpses


Please let me stay here
I want a home
Why did I have to go?
Please take me back