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by Dischordia

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released July 23, 2013

All songs written & performed by Dischordia
(C) Copyright 2013 by Fallin/Laws-Rodriguez/Turner, All Rights Reserved

Recorded @ Artisan Studio in OKC, OK (January 2013)
Produced by Russ Brownfield & Dischordia
Engineered by Russ Brownfield & Dalton Farr
Mixed by Josh Newell -
Assisted by James Ingram
Mastered by Dan Certa
Pre-Production @ AM Productions INC. in OXNARD, CA (July 2012)
Artwork & Layout by Evan Oldham -
Distributed by Rogue Records America -

Guest vocals on “Primer” by Russ Brownfield
Spoken word on “When She Saw Him...” by James Dorton of Black Crown Initiate
Spoken word on "Interlude" and "Zone of Perpetual Darkness" by Seth Boothby

Samples: Mark DiAngelo, Mike Koenig, JaBa, Ezwa, Mike Devils, Stephan Schutze, Marianne Gagnon, KP, Teto Yasha, The bizniss, and Stephan.



all rights reserved


Dischordia Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Progressive death metal band from Oklahoma City. New album "Thanatopsis" OUT NOW.

Josh Turner -Bass/Vocals
Keeno - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Fallin - Drums

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Track Name: The Enemy
It’s building up, it’s never stopped
He tried to fight against it
But what hope did he have
At first it seemed impossible
But as fear shut the world out
He knew the truth

The last man to walk the Earth
He’s never been more alone
Faceless hearts of steel surround him
Teeth like wire and chrome
Grips of steel and no remorse
Eyes a bright and deadly shine
Calculated thoughts and actions
Smiles built from cold design
Left without a hope he knows that he must be the one
To meet these demons face to face and do what must be done
The stench of flesh and fire fuel his hatred for the enemy
Screaming of the truth he knows he slaughters on to victory

“It’s as I feared
They are too strong
I am the only one
I cannot win
There is only one thing left to do
There is only one way out
Swallow the judgment that I dealt
The only fight that I can win”

Another machine to face
This time for it all
He knows he cannot win
But he’s ready for the fall
A blast, and then it’s over
Circuits, wires flood out
The stench of burning gears
Shutdown, engage
Track Name: Torches
Hold on, cling to me
Abandon all sympathy
Free will, destiny
No choice, obscurity

Blessing in disguise
Wolf in sheep’s clothing
His body, its own worst enemy
Seeking to correct the soul
Ravage his mind
Demon inside
Rectify anew

All men created equal
Death pays no heed
He stands neglected
Shackled, arrested
Poisoned, infected
Dying, rejected

Never scared

No comfort in truth
For those who wish to feel
Soldier of misfortune
We carry your torch

She lives through denial
Rose tint, dulling eyes
Brilliantly shining
Time won’t heal all wounds

Becoming the impossible
Pessimist, beloved by all

Her strength, second to none
Pulling thread, she’s undone
Unraveled, stitched together
Ripping seams, face the end
See him raptured

This too shall pass
This too shall pass
Shattered existence
Peace in cremation
Lost, not forgotten
This too shall pass
This too shall pass
Track Name: When She Saw Him...
Afloat in nothing, an ocean's worth of black
A single cord that looks like pain
I know what led me here (I know nothing)
A rushing sound (I hear nothing)
The tether fades
Motionless, I fly to another world
Reality awaits, but it is not here
Fade to…
Where do you begin?

When there is nothing?
Look around and see
Everything you know is wrong
There can be no end
When there is no story
What is result when there is no cause?
What brings you here and what holds you back?

Reach out for help
Just to see
Just to feel
Just to know
Reach out for help
Just to see
This is real
This is wrong

Senses grow dim
Moving shadows in the mirror

The knowledge would kill you but nothing would change
So close and yet so far
The knowledge would kill you
The impossible can never be grasped by those who know theword
This is impossible

First sign of life
First sign of hope
An ear to hear, such a simple thing
A cry for help disguised in hopeless words
Prove to me that something still remains
Her answer is cold and fleeting
If looks could kill what would she do next
Trapped in reality that binds her too
Impossibility crumbling

Reach out for help
Just to see
Just to feel
Just to know
Reach out for help
Just to see
This is real
Fade to black
Track Name: Madhouse
I wake with gasps of wretched fear
Surrounded and trapped by darkness
Blood drips from mouth before I realize
The screams that I hear are my own

Reaching out, in the darkness I lie
Eyes open wide as the terror takes hold
Battered knees and bloody hands move me through the black
While the weight of isolation crushes every hope

Sleep no longer gives me rest
As this place haunts my every dream
Pain is all that separates
My nightmares from what’s real

How long until I can no longer find the strength to stand?
How many twisted paths until my will begins to fade?

Inside and out
Do these walls
Know my fear?
The spiral down
It never ends
One step up
I’m back again

Infinite shapes lie before me
I’ll die before I find my way
A distant roar reminds me
There’s no way out but in (there’s no way out)

Their faces linger past my feeble reach
Their eyes hold me to a promise to push on
Forcing my feet to move forward again
My beaten body bears another step

Rooms upon rooms mock my progress
Leading me where they will
Rooms upon rooms lead me here to leave me




An eternity of black
Her image burns itself onto space
Glowing brighter

Brighter…brighter as if I can actually see
I can see, she’s there
Track Name: Zone Of Perpetual Darkness
A stirring sound
Screams from within
Terror grips my gaze
Where have I been?
Wiping sleep from my eyes
A fading presence
Where have you gone?

A room in disrepair
Frozen in silence
She lies motionless
Blood stained sheets and lives
Throbbing pain
A growing fear
Between gasps of hope
I pray the end
Darkness descends
A shadow within
How did we get here?
What’s left to live for?
Pushing on to survive
Incomplete, all is lost
She awakes, dead alive

Lift my head
Find my strength
The air is heavy
Thick with fear
Gripping cursed flesh
As Death lingers
Do not waste your tears
Cold, dead eyes
Vacuous, I am
Spiraling groveling
Succumbing to the void
Here and now make my stand

It’s all coming into focus. As clear as death can be, fear lives on. They livethrough fear, for death is neither the end nor the beginning. My mind is attuned. Ifeel her presence again—a weightless existence. I know what I must do. I know...
They walk among us
Breathless, bruised, and battered
Soulless, torn, and tattered
We live in shadows
Never safe from ourselves
They walk among us

Embrace the end times?
Are we forsaken?

Be quiet now, do not make a sound. I can feel her approaching with a deathly moan. My senses are failing, my nerves fraying. There she stands with a blank staredevoid of emotion and perception. She is soulless, yet still beautiful. Can she feel anything? Does she suffer?I must release her.
My blood runs cold. Breath is shallow. I’ve lost so much. Death rules the day.

Silence shatters meaning, nothing’s left, my love is gone
Taken by the darkness, hope is fading in my eyes
We live in the shadows
And die by the gallows
Fueled by our sorrows
No hope for tomorrow
She left without warning, unforgiving, heartless creatures
Loathing this existence in the distance between life and death
Tearing at my being, senseless evil, burn it down
I know what I must do, end the suffering and take her life

She’s at peace
No going back
A love once lost
A life transformed
Death rules the day
Death rules the day
Track Name: The Grand Design
Shimmering lies beget this life
Feeding negation born from deception
Severing ties between what’s left
Temptress of cruelty devout and vain
Indistinct whispers devoid of truth
Echoing a distance unforeseen

She lives in me within my breath
Awaiting death, her punishment
I hold the key to her release
A fading hope with no relief

What is to come of this?
The end is not an answer

All I know, all I feel
Consuming what is real
Losing faith in my quest
Forging on dispossessed

Stripped of emotion
No regrets, only revenge

Sin of living, sin of love
Forged from below, created from above
Have no pity, have no care
Sublimate feelings, unaware
The sun becomes our center
The Heavens begin to flee
These spoken words are trivial
The madness is complete

Those unworthy of her grace
What is to come of us?

All I know, all I feel
Consuming what is real
Losing faith in my quest
Forging on dispossessed
All I want, all I need
Lies within your still heart
I know there’s a place for me
For I carved it out myself
Track Name: Condemning Certainty
Blinding reason sent from above
Missing the truth, being the lie
Compassion exists though I can’t feel
Illusion of hope won’t let me heal

Leaving the past behind me
I seek the lie controlling you
Between a love deceiving
Manipulate to conquer truth

Deception, the fruit of life
The sweetest decision, bitter yet ripe
Contorting disciples shred His words
Endless perversion, grovel before
Retribution spawns new hate
My last confession, abacinate
Elusive justice, allegations
Misery’s shame, am I worthy?

A lone man's sin, becomes a plague
Enslaving all from now on

Sign of my faith, supplicate, suffocate
Loss of my faith, violate,desecrate
Sign of my faith, supplicate, suffocate
What is my faith? Own my fate, recreate

Transcendence, ascendance
Condemning certainty
Cry out to your savior
Sentencing, conviction
See if he is forgiven
Track Name: Primer
Look behind, follow the line
Where did we stray?
What have we done?
This is no path beneath our feet
Our footsteps fall on filthy waste
We call these chains our jewelry
And refuse to see we’re trapped
(With their vomit in our mouths
We gasp for rotten air
Obey the command and swallow every bit
The clanking of machines drowns out the cries of the past
What’s it worth to you?)

What’s it worth toyou? The voices of the dead
Our machines will take their place
Gotta make ‘em dance, gotta tell ‘em what they want
Wrap it up and make it shine, put away those thoughts
You need the newest faces, listen to those looks
They didn’t have to think at all, why should you?

You will choke it down
This is all you need
You will worship them
They need devotion
You will take this mind we’ve made for you
You will fall in line

We stand in perfectly straight lines
The shining lights draw our eyes
Can we not look away?
Look down and see where we stand?
There is nothing for us
Giant shoulders wait and waste

(We are) pathetic
(We are) bought and sold
No price is too low
They’ve got what we need
A plastic shield inside
For a plastic shell of art

You love a name, a pretty plastic face
Crafted by the masters
The machines are pleased

You call this your life
You call this your love
Take my bleeding hands
Take my battered brain
Tell me this is real
Tell me this is right
Tell me what you love
Tell me what you know