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Creator, Destroyer

by Dischordia

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released October 15, 2011

All songs written & performed by Dischordia
(C) Copyright 2011 by Fallin/Laws-Rodriguez

Recorded @ Intellect Studios in Yukon, OK (June 2011)
Engineered by Jakob Meye & Shaun Ladymon
Mastered by Uncle Death Goat
Artwork & Layout by Evan Oldham
Distributed by Rogue Records America -



all rights reserved


Dischordia Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Progressive death metal band from Oklahoma City. New album "Thanatopsis" OUT NOW.

Josh Turner -Bass/Vocals
Keeno - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Fallin - Drums

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Track Name: Creator, Destroyer
Holding her hand one last time
Touch of guilt, so sublime
No more sorrow, penitence
Looking forward, no defense

No control, pining for the piece untold
The weaker the mind, the stronger the hold
The less we learn, the more we burn
Break these chains, give no concern

Second chance does no exist
Live your life, do not resist
Fear me not, what's done is done
Rest in peace beloved son

Angels are falling, reason is calling
Question meaning, nothing's certain
See the man behind the curtain
Fearless, stable, viral, fable

You wear your armor like a badge of honor
Safe from the risk of knowing thyself

Saving grace, my disgrace
Sinful pleasure, your embrace

Fear of temptation, hope for redemption
Adorn this anchor my only lifeline
Waiting for my path to realign
Searching, pleading, fading

Crime of passion, beneath the shadows
Find the hangman near the gallows
Creator, destroyer
Deviant, voyeur
Will of the martyr, sin of the father
Loosen your armor, follow the hollow

Readily seeking my own life path
Parting with sin and the guise of wrath
Finding salvation within my grasp
Beyond illusion your worlds collapse
Track Name: Dark Passenger
You don't know me like I do
No, you don't
What's inside me, bathed in sin
A creeping darkness born within
Now you'll know...

Loss of meaning
Loss of Hope
Who can save me from myself?

Since that day I've made no peace
Found no solace or release
Forced to feel and conform
Use the code to act the norm

Saving face, no control
Can't indulge my passenger
Living the lie
Scars deface my blackened soul
Taking lives to feel control
I am alive

From the day she died
Felt the pain inside
Flame that won't subside
All pity cast aside

I cannot not wait for my escape
I am reborn, I will avenge

Blinding pain deep within
Vastly dark origin
Lingers on for all time
Nothing less, nothing more

Soon you'll feel my true pain
Then you'll know my real name
Cleansing fire from below
Will cure you and make me whole

Darkness fleeting unto you
No remorse to help you through
Rectify and clear your mind
Time can wait it's on my side you know
Track Name: Splitter
Guided by light shown from within
Meaningful life covered in sin
All that is wrong is all that is left
Trying to breathe my last dying breath

Growing contempt, I can't repent
Lost in a sea of your discontent

Assigning the blame between the forgotten
Resigning to always be nothing
My failures are all that your live for
My weakness for you, forever more

Try to forget what was done to me
Memory of love never forgiving

I can't believe what was done to me
How it fits the crime, I'm left behind
You pray for change, I curse his name
I pay the price, your sacrifice

I can't believe what you did to me
How it fits the crime, I'm left behind
You pray for change, I curse his name
You pay the price, my sacrifice

The smoke collects behind the flame
I'm choking on my own shame
The heat's intense upon my skin
My love for you is wearing thin

Filtering reality, searching for a need to be
I can't conceive, I won't believe
Splintering sincerity, pushing for prosperity
I long to heal or just to feel

I need something more than you can give
I need something more than you have

Guided by light shown from within
Meaningful life covered in sin
All that is wrong is all that is left
Trying to breathe my last dying
Track Name: Radioactive Iodine 121
Spinning towards the end I find myself locked in a spiral
I cannot seem to breathe, my senses failing one by one
My only hope is fading fast as life feels out of reach
The icy hand of death, approaching me, calling

Continuing down, another seal breaks
Revealing the path that I forsake
Embracing his hand I find that his touch is soothing
Relief from this cryonic state, I feel no pain
A feeling unlike any other
My anger's at peace
I see the darkness
I am alive

The fear of dying
Regret, remorse, loss
Fragile contentment
My hate, my love

I'm fearing the hand that feeds
Ending all those in need
Behind the lies
Above the cries
Left behind despite my pleas
To live, to die down on my knees

I long for the sweet release
Between fear and peace lies the end

What keeps me here
I don't belong
What is the cost?
Suffer the loss

To live is to die
My life is a lie
My story can't end
If it only begins

To feel without words
To live without death
There is no meaning
Or promises kept

What is my inspiration?
There is no motivation
Mind-numbing isolation worse than death
Existence is nothing
Pining for something beyond
Failing at living, I need more

Death within my grasp, evading me, come for me

I call his name, a bold request
For me to release him from eternal pain
To kill death, reciprocate the relief
Between two souls in agony

Can I trust his word?
Will my risk be true?
Does he hold the key?
Born in death anew

In death is death, in death is life

I take his hand
A leap of faith
A sense of calm
Within my heart
Closing my eyes for the last time

Death be not proud
In the end, thou shalt die